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about us

Welcome to Leading Edge Advocate, a blog dedicated to all things bike-related! Our goal is to provide informative and engaging content for both seasoned riders and those just starting out on their cycling journey.

We believe that cycling is more than just a mode of transportation or a form of exercise – it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re a commuter, a mountain biker, or a road racer, there’s something special about the freedom and sense of adventure that comes with two wheels.

At Leading Edge Advocate, we cover a wide range of topics related to cycling. From gear reviews and maintenance tips to training advice and inspiring stories from riders around the world, our goal is to provide the information and resources you need to take your cycling to the next level.

And why the name Leading Edge Advocate? We believe that cycling is not just a hobby or a pastime, but a movement towards a more sustainable, healthy, and connected world. By promoting the benefits of cycling and advocating for better bike infrastructure in our communities, we can help lead the way towards a brighter future for everyone.

So join us on this journey as we explore the leading edge of cycling culture and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, there’s always something new to discover on two wheels. Thank you for visiting Leading Edge Advocate, and we hope to see you out on the road soon!